I finally had some luck!

My third trip to the Samsung service center, and it was the same scene: a sea of people, an endless queue, and me waiting for 1.5 hours, till my number was called. It was a horrendous wait, as I just watched the line crawl, each person more frustrated than the other.

When I finally reached the counter, which was in another room, I realized why these service agents were working so slowly. The room in which they were in was also not air conditioned. They were working in an environment in which they were feeling hot and sweaty. My heart went out to these people and I was chatting with the agent who was sharing her woes about how tiring it is to be working in a non-air conditioned room for 8 hours every day. My heart sank a little.

It’s really tough for me to fathom and assimilate that, even in the 21st century, the working conditions can be so abysmal; more so for an international brand like Samsung. I guess for most Indian companies, it is the bottom line that matters. In India, my experience has been that companies seldom care about the working conditions and ethos of their employees. It’s all about the profit.

I left the service center feeling miserable at the thought of having to return in a weeks time, and wait in that same miserable queue, when I have to collect my phone. This time, again, I will have to clear out my diary, and make sure that I have at least 2-3 hours to spare, just to collect my damn cell phone. Hopefully, I won’t have an ailing baby and a hectic work day. Those are small saving graces that I am hoping for 🙂


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  1. vinayak Pandit
    May 31, 2014 @ 10:28:02

    very true… the things are really misreble and not only for the samsung clients…
    productivity here is always compared with that of west but what about working conditions???
    same goes for the attitude of the working class… sometimes irrespective of the working conditions…
    sad… need to be improved…


    • Dr. Suri
      May 31, 2014 @ 11:27:18

      Yes, the whole ethos of work life in India tends to be on the unprofessional side, no matter how good the working conditions may also be. I guess it is a mindset that just needs to be changed, on a molecular level.


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