There is a secret side to Mumbai that not everyone is aware of. It’s a world which is not easily accessible to the lay person, neither is it socially acceptable or talked about so openly. I am referring to the world of the occult and the supernatural, a world that is flourishing, creating currents in the ocean of Mumbai’s subconscious.

As a lover of the occult, the metaphysical, and magic, and as someone who has willingly dabbled in this world, I was skeptical about what Mumbai would offer me. I have often viewed this city as being very commercial and materialistic, and did not have many expectations of experiencing life of a different dimension. However, I was surprised by how rich a metaphysical life this city actually has, have personally had experiences of numerous types, which allows me to continue my exploration of the unknown.

I have become fond of a “master channeller”, who accesses higher planes of consciousness, bringing me important life messages and learnings, and guidig me on my spiritual path. I have also just been introduced to a Shaman, who is Indian, and had my first “Power animal retrieval” and “Stone Reading”. I was intrigued and relieved by the accuracy of her readings, and very pleased to see a level of mastery that I would expect in the West.

I have also had numerous sessions with a hypnotherapist, having done past life regressions and other types of hypnosis. And let’s not forget the Tarrot – I have had some insightful readings from the Tarrot reader.

In fact, there is a “magick” shop in Bandra, not too far from where I live. I was in awe of all the “magical and supernatural” literature and paraphernalia that they had. It is owned and run by the High Priestess, Reverend Swati Prakash. When I entered the shop, which was dotted with a few cats, I felt like I was home. From Wiccan rituals to invocations to the Faeries or spirits to stones, crystals, blessed waters, fairy dust, candles, oils and magickal herbs, this shop was filled with all kinds of magic!

I must say, I am thrilled, surprised, and in love with the idea that, beneath all the madness and chaos, there lies a quiet and mysterious world that is dedicated to the occult. This world does tend to be secretive, and it’s inhabitants do not openly advertise themselves or their services. You usually come across this world through someone who knows someone who is involved in this realm. And that’s why Mumbai never ceases to amaze me!


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