While I love, just love, being in my new place and reveling in its charms and comfort, I am in great disdain of the street noise that I just cannot seem to escape from! And it does not feel right, because my paradise should not just be confined to my four walls. I believe I am in a rather precarious situation where I have gotten so used to the silence and demure street noises of San Francisco, that any sound that has a sound decibel of 2 irks me. Even worse, when we moved to our rental apartment where we set camp for 5 months during our recent house renovations, we happened to live on one of the inner most streets in a building that was a sanctuary to my ears and my soul. At the most, I would hear a couple of cars honk or speed by if it got really, really quiet. Otherwise, it was so pleasant living in such peace; the silence was deafening indeed. Moving back to my original place, I am having to come back to the reality of Mumbai, where the incessant honking and chatter of people never seems to end (at all times of the day).

One may think that I am whining, making a big deal about something trivial. Some of my friends may even have the thought cross their mind as they are reading this post, “Such a princess” (you know who you are). But imagine this, every time I am taking a much needed nap or trying to find some time to meditate or focus on y work, there is someone honking his a** off, or some procession going by, or some people having a useless argument on the street because they have nothing better to do…the list goes on. It’s really frustrating when you are trying to create a peaceful surrounding for yourself, especially during nap time, and someone or something is hell bent on making your life miserable. There are days where I have cursed the person to death (in my mind of course) because I am so irritated by the constant noise, noise of all types.

So I have decided that the next phase of house renovations, which I hope will be sooner than later, is to get double glazed windows and soundproof my house as much as possible. I do not care how much it costs or how much my pockets will bleed to cover this expense. But I am sure it will be a small price to pay for the silence and auditory peace that I will be able to obtain in my many more years in Mumbai. One can only hope and pray!


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  1. Smriti
    Dec 25, 2014 @ 00:41:31

    Hi Rochelle, I stumbled on to your blog while looking for soundproofing tips online 🙂 I made a recent move from San Francisco to Pune, and can’t get used to the traffic (especially honking) noise, so I am thinking about soundproofing the house (aka double paned windows, thick curtains etc.). Can you share whether you went through that exercise and what worked?


    • Dr. Suri
      Jan 02, 2015 @ 15:25:45

      Hi Smriti – sorry for the late reply. I did not end up doing the soundproofing – worked out to be too expensive!! But, 3 years later, I have kind of gotten used to the sound, though it still irritates me and I will never make peace with the sound pollution! Too much of a stress on the senses. Good luck with the transition!!


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