Approaching our First Anniversary

On September 3rd, 2011, my husband and I left the safe, homely confines of San Francisco, ready with our passports, air tickets, and cat to board LH 455 from San Francisco to Frankfurt to Mumbai. With extreme heaviness in our hearts, we embarked on our journey, fully knowing that it will be sometime before we visit/return our city by the bay. Fast forward, and it’s one year that we took flight from San Francisco, making our way to the new and strange city by the bay, Mumbai.

When I think of “journeys”, this was a road less traveled, both for my husband and I, none of whom knew what we were getting into and how our lives would change radically. All I knew was that it was time to move on to the motherland and there was no looking back. I still vividly remember that afternoon at SFO International Airport, trying to spend every last minute we could with our friends who dropped us off at the airport, wondering if we would ever see them again. I tried not to cry and even managed to hold myself together, believing that I was headed for a positive turn in my life, welcoming and trying to embrace the opportunity to grow and change as an individual. We had our last meal together and talked of all the reasons Hanz and Amanda should visit us in Mumbai and how much fun it would be. We took pictures of our selves at the airport, praying that every moment with them would get extended a wee bit longer, that our flight would be delayed, or would be bumped of our existing flight onto the next one. That never happened.

Incidentally, I got about thinking of the significance of “September 3rd” when I sat in my house looking at the down pour that did not cease. While my heart was heavy with fond memories of our last day in San Francisco, the Mumbai skies were dense and heavy with rain, shamelessly falling down with great force for a good 4-5 hours. It was an uncanny experience thinking of the two parallels, both glum and gloomy, yet very important enough to effect change in one’s environment.

The heavy rains I witnessed today for hours on end

The heavy rains I witnessed today for hours on end

September 5th, 2012, will mark our first anniversary of our arrival in Mumbai. I wonder what surprises the Mumbai skies will hold then. There is a certain anticipation about what the first day of my second year in Mumbai will look like, a curiosity of sorts… only time will tell. And so far, time has proved to be a great teacher and friend.


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