Some updates!

I know, I know…’s been ages since I last posted and it has been driving me insane! I have so much to share, so many stories to tell, and several updates to give. This post is going to be brief and I want to share, with my readers, what I have been up to.

I am still living in a dream, wondering if this experience of moving back to Mumbai is real. It will almost be a year since our move and I am still in awe of how fast time has passed me by. Living in Mumbai is like doing a full marathon! I feel like I am constantly on the go and there isn’t a minute to spare.

House renovations: On that front, we are in the last leg of the renovations, although a deadline to move back into the house gets pushed forward by 15 days, every time we inform the contractor our plans to move in. He convinces us with a true but irritating song and dance by saying, “Since you are planing on moving on the 30th of July, another 10-15 days extra is not going to kill you.” Like hell it’s not going to kill us. Who is paying the rent for our temporary space? Not him! On another note, our new place is coming up really nicely and we are very pleased with the work done so far. Just working on the painting and wham!, life will be 50% more merry than it currently is.

Private practice: Also in awe about this and how well it is taking shape. Indeed, there is a distinct need for psychotherapy, as practiced and taught in the West, in Mumbai. I am discovering that more people are open to the idea of having a space to really explore and reflect on themselves. I also enjoy the work I do, and some days, the only thing I look forward to is working with my clients. There are times when they give me a modicum of sanity, especially on days when I feel like a chicken with its head cut off!

Weather: As always, it is schizophrenic. We are supposed to be in the monsoon season, but there are barely any rains. It is scary to think that 2 months have passed us by and our rains have been scant, at best. There is a big hue and cry, and rightly so, about the possibility of a water shortage in Mumbai if this trend continues. Every morning I wake up, the skies are overcast, as if threatening a huge pour, and by the end of the day, there are hardly any showers and dense amounts of humidity.

So that’s a wrap folks! Life in Mumbai, is like life in the fast lane. Between the house renovations, dealing with the heat, managing my practice and trying to have a life, I am surprised I am still writing this post! God save me!


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