Mangoes! Mangoes! Mangoes!

Yup! It’s mango season and almost every street corner showcases a cart on which heaps of mangoes are displayed and sold. We are officially in the mango season, which means that in Mumbai, one can expect to find several different varieties of mangoes. And I am not talking about the piddly, tasteless mangoes I used to have in the USA, that were imported from either Mexico or South America. Oh no! I am talking about real mangoes – juicy, sweet, fleshy jewels that melt like butter every time you take a bite.

Every region in India boasts its own type of mango, considering that all over India, there are hundred different types of mangoes. Some mangoes are sold at very steep prices (approximately INR 500 per dozen – which is pricey), while other types are sold at very cheap rates. Some of the commercially sold mangoes in Mumbai are Alphonso, Ratnagiri, Kesar, Totapuri, Batlu, Langdo and Payri. Alphonso is the king of mangoes, and when it first came into the market in May, it was going for as high as INR 900 per dozen!

Here are some images of the mangoes that are on display all over the city:

Boxes and boxes of Alphonso mangoes for sale. One bite into this delicious fruit and anyone can see why it is the King!

I try to not indulge in too many mangoes, because they are high in calories and also generate a lot of heat in the body. This is dangerous, especially if you already tend to feel hot. However, I have been buying one dozen of every kind of mango available every time I make my weekly trip to the bazaar. Just the smell, as you pass the stall, emanates a sweetness, as if it were divine nectar, an offering from the gods above. There is a certain fragrance about mangoes that I have seldom experienced with any other fruit.

I am off to dig into an Alphonso. If you do not live in India, I hope you get the pleasure of experiencing the mango season in Mumbai some day, because it is certainly one of a kind!


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