I continue to be Exhausted!

We have finally finished our move from our home residence to the rental residence, and the whole drama took us a good 10 days. It is really difficult to do a move in Mumbai when you do not own your own car. The reason there has been the silence on my blog for several days is because of the sheer state of exhaustion that this move has driven me to. On the 3rd of March, my husband and I rented a moving truck, or what is referred to in India as a “tempo” and got 90% of our belongings to the other house. Lucky for us, the new place is a 10 minute walk from our home. It was a maddening process trying to fit things belonging to a 2 bedroom house to a 1 bed room house. And what is even more scary, frustrating, irritating, and cumbersome, is the inescapable thought that in less than 3 months, we will be doing this same move all over again – from our rental place to our home.

After the major move on Saturday, we have spent the last 8 days, either using our neighbor’s car or making deals with regular taxis, to take our stuff in small batches everyday at the end of work. And then I got sick on the 5th of March, with a bad cold and cough, and that put a dent in our move. We spent all of the following Saturday and Sunday picking up where we left off, while trying to also do our weekend socializing. We finally picked up our last batch of stuff last night and can’t say that we are relieved. Like I said, we will have to do this entire exercise all over again, very, very soon.

Life in Mumbai has been non-stop…..it’s always something or the other – someone’s birthday, a family occasion, a wedding, a call from the bank, house renovations, getting reams and reams of paper work to HSBC, being told that a meeting will be scheduled at a certain time only to discover that you have lost 1 hour waiting for the idiot who kept you waiting, dealing with house help who can never be consistent, sitting in traffic if you do not wish to use the train in peak hours (or at all), spending energy wondering who is honest or not with you and who is trying to take you for a ride, and so on. I swear to god, and sometimes I doubt if there even is a god, life in Mumbai is HECTIC. For an introvert like me, being in Mumbai and dealing with so many things and people, in addition to seeing my clients in my private practice, takes a big tole on me. I miss SF, where I would wake up to the quiet of the morning, saunter through most days, and wind down at night with a good book or a glass of wine. In Mumbai, I constantly feel like I am on speed and I know I am partly responsible for this state of frenzy I often feel I am in.

God only knows how much of my time and energy will be spent in me supervising the house renovations over the next few months. Every morning I say a special prayer to the universe to help me get through this phase of my life…..I continue to feel homeless, rootless, unable to plant my feet into the ground and be relaxed. Not only have I gone from leaving all my friends and roots in San Francisco, I now find myself in a position where I have had to leave my own home in Mumbai, and make do with a temporary place with the hope, mind you, with the “hope” that the new house will feel like home!


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