Getting the Hang of Having a Maid in Mumbai

For the longest time, I cribbed about how much harder it was to deal with a maid and manage her when compared to just getting all your household chores done your self, like I used to in the USA. The first couple of months were really difficult where having a maid was concerned. I may have mentioned before, people back home think that having a maid is a luxury, when I know from first hand experience, it is a royal pain the you know what!

However, with time, I have come to appreciate the domestic help in India, and after setting the record straight with my maid regarding her schizophrenic timings of showing up anytime she pleases and my expectations of her duties and responsibilities, the maid and I have begun our on the fast track to success. I now actually enjoy having my maid at home and look forward to seeing her because I know what a help and blessing she is: she is reliable, honest, and becoming better with punctuality.

I am in even more appreciation of my maid because now I have gotten her to chop all my vegetables for me when she comes in the afternoon. Last week I was cribbing to my husband that, in addition to building and managing my private practice, I had to also think about chopping vegetables and cooking in the evenings as part of my “duties and responsibilities” to the home. The wise man that he is, he suggested that I pay the maid extra and get her to chop all my veggies in the afternoon. What a delightful idea! I have been trying out his new idea for the last couple of days and simply love it!

The maid shows up and I soak all my veggies in water before that. She gets to washing all the dishes from the previous day, and then attacks the veggies. Yesterday, she cut and chopped Okra for me, and also cut up a bunch of tomatoes, onions, beet roots and grated carrots for the salad. She did the same today and, while she is cutting the veggies, I am cooking on the side and my work in the kitchen is done by 4 pm! I never have to enter the kitchen again until dinner time, and that too, only to eat, not to cook.

It is certainly a big relief to know that I can get done late with work or come home late and dinner is ready for me. Or, worst case scenario, all I have to do is come home to veggies that are pre-chopped for me, and quickly whip up a dish.

On another note, my maid is in love with the scraper that I brought back from San Francisco. It is made in Germany and she cannot believe how smoothly it operates and how it gets the job done in one go. Today, she spent a good 5 minutes complaining about how useless scrapers in Mumbai are and even asked me if I brought an extra one from the U.S., in case this one goes bad. It was hilarious. I could not even agree or disagree with her because I have no idea what scrapers in India are like, but can only take her word.

Looks like life in Mumbai is becoming a little better for me, but I do not want to jinx it by saying too much.