Not making sense…but feeling a li’l better about life.

Yes, we are now officially in our 4th month mark of life in Mumbai. It is  crazy how fast 4 months have passed by, as we are still trying to make sense of life in India. My husband and I are still trying to find our bearings and very soon we will be embarking on a house renovation project. Oh yes! Our 30-year-old apartment, that looks like it belongs to the dinosaur age, is very shortly going to be getting a make over. And it’s about time! But that story I shall leave for another day, as we are still looking out for a temporary apartment to rent out for about 3-4 months.

I know I have neglected to talk about my work life in Mumbai, and that’s the aspect of my life that is making me feel a li’l better and a lot more at ease with my new life in a harsh city. A psychotherapist/ Marriage and Family Therapist by profession, I decided that I would set up a private practice in Mumbai, where I know, from speaking to other professionals in the field, that the sky is the limit. And that’s exactly what I set out to do in week 1 of landing in Mumbai. Almost everyday, I would meet the city’s most influential and respected senior psychiatrists and introduce myself and my area of expertise, traveling distances that even I could not imagine doing. For those of you familiar with Mumbai, I am talking about going as far as Powai to meet psychiatrists. I have also met people who run psychology and counseling centers in Mumbai, talking about workshops and trainings that I could and have conducted in psychology. I have advertised my practice in newsletters and have distributed my biz cards as if there were no tomorrow. Meetings with department heads of medical colleges that have a psychiatric residency program, meetings with hospitals that have massive psych units,  and meetings with school and college principles and vice-principals, were some of the other activities on my list of “I want to get a private practice going.” Not a single day was wasted or spent wiling time away or taking it easy. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did take it easy only because things in India move at such a slow pace.

4 months later, and I am still doing all of the above in an attempt to connect and network with people in my field in Mumbai. However, I am proud to say that I have a petty decent private practice in Mumbai where I love the work that I do; I have psychiatrists, who I networked with, referring clients to me; I am teaching psychiatry resident students on the fundamentals of counseling and psychotherapy, and soon I will be conducting  a couple of workshops and presenting a handful of lectures to students at a renowned college in South Mumbai. I don’t know how all of this happened so quickly, because as much as things do take their time to happen in Mumbai, I know that my skills and expertise is much-needed in a city that is deprived of ethical and competent psychotherapists. At least that is what I have been hearing from many of my colleagues. It makes me feel so good and proud knowing that I have opened up the gates to a whole new world and my gratitude to this city for making that possible is immense. I know that I will continue to have professional fulfillment as I pave my path for continued success and love for the work that I do.

On that note, I shall end with a New Year message that someone texted me in the last week of December. This kind of short messages, which are quite cheesy and bizarre, seem to be a popular trend in the city. People seem to think they are funny and pass them around like wild fire. I tend to get irritated with the content of these messages, though I appreciate the sentiment behind it. So….here goes:

May Ur Happiness Increase like Petrol Prices.

May Ur Sorrows Fall like the Indian Rupee.

And Joy fill Ur Heart like Corruption in India.

Happy New Year in Advance!


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