Miracle of Miracles!

Folks, listen up! Yesterday, I did the most unexpected of things – I slept with a big comforter all night, with just the fan. A comforter and a fan! It is officially coldish in Mumbai. The evenings are very pleasant and the nights are rather cool. I wouldn’t go too far by saying that it is cold, at least not for me. My husband thought it was snowing in Mumbai when I told him I could sleep with just the fan instead of the air conditioner (we have been sleeping with the air conditioner for the past 4 months now). As I am typing this post, it is 19 degrees Celsius and I am sitting in my room without the fan on and my feet are cold. I never thought, for the life of me, that this day would arrive.

I know it’s cold in Mumbai when I get out of the shower and start shivering a little. By god, what a concept! It is so refreshing to be greeted by a chill every time I wake up in the morning and sense the crispness in the air. But of course, like all other good things come to an end, this also does. By the afternoon, it starts to heat up a little, with the afternoon temperature averaging to about 31 degrees Celsius. It is certainly still tolerable compared to what it has been in the last few months. You can still walk about during the day and not feel fried in about 1 hour of being out. Now, I can last about 3-4 hours outdoors and still have a smile on my face. For people who know me, the heat and I were never good friends.

What amuses me is the fact that I see people around me in sweatshirts, jumpers, and woolies, as if they were preparing for a big snow storm or some magnanimous winter that is going to wipe them off their feet . Yes, it’s cool in Mumbai, not cold! In Delhi, it is about 2 degrees Celsius, where people are dying due to extreme temperatures. Now, that is cold! And I admit, that while it is intriguing to see people bundled up in sweaters in the morning and evenings, it is also nice to see a different kind of dress code making its presence felt in the big city.

I am taking in this lovely and most appreciated change in weather, with gratitude and joy. I am now off to my second night of cozying up in my giant comforter with just the fan. It officially feels like winter!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nusrat
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 02:09:12

    Wow!!!thats hard to believe????

    Have lived in Mumbai for 23 years but have never experienced a chill in Mumbai at all!!!

    Scary,be prepared for climate change,its unbelieveable but true but we had 16 degrees in London just yesterday,right in the middle of December when its winter at its prime!!



    • Dr. Suri
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 14:06:42

      yeah, I couldn’t believe myself, that of all people, could sleep with a fan and a comforter…..but i tried it again last night and had to turn the AC on half way through 😦


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