It wasn’t a bad Christmas, afterall!

Phew! I thought his Christmas in 2011 was going to be depressing and dull, but it turned out to be pretty fun after all. So, Christmas eve we headed out to Bandra. Of course, the place was packed and we hit traffic, but we also got to see all the decorations and lightnings that people had outside their homes. Life size cribs and nativity scenes, as well as hundreds of Christians who were well dressed and probably getting ready to attend the evening mass, threw added spice to the festivity of Bandra. It was irritating that there was so much traffic and every time I thought I could soak in the Christmas vibe, there would be honking or siting in traffic, being forced to breathe he exhaust and fumes of the 100 million other cars that were around me.

In any case, we landed up at our friend’s house and when she opened the door, I jumped for joy and almost hurt myself because of how ecstatic I was about seeing how well, and how close to home, her Christmas decorations were. They were stunning! This 5 bedroom house was decked up, along with a little manger from my girlfriend’s native home in Croatia.

The evening started with light hors d’oeuvres which consisted of a fare of mixed olives, spiced hummus, a selection of cheese, and lightly salted crackers. This platter was accompanied by scrumptious drinks, which I happily made for myself with their well-stocked bar. Oh yes! The fine selection of alcoholic beverages of international standard was quite appealing and much needed, as it was helping me to get over my slump of missing Christmas in San Francisco.

Dinner was then served and accompanied by some more refreshing beverages…if you get my drift. The 4 of us then burst open some bon-bons (Christmas crackers) and the revelry continued. Here are some pictures of me really enjoying myself in Mumbai after a long long time:

The 4 of us by the Christmas tree (and bar)

The 4 of us by the Christmas tree (and bar)

With our crowns from the bon-bons, and don't miss the big glass in front of me!

With our crowns from the bon-bons, and don't miss the big glass in front of me!

Inspecting the food before it is served

Inspecting the food before it is served.

Dinner was followed by several games of UNO, which I just loved! We wound up the evening with desert, a decadent chocolate cake that I bought and which tasted delicious:

Note the “marry” instead of “Merry” on the cake. Only in India! Any case, it was such an uplifting feeling being with friends who felt more like family to us. The 4 of us had a very “marry” Christmas and I hope that you had a blessed Christmas too!


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