Visiting Old Bombay

It wasn’t very long ago when you would visit Mumbai and feel like you were in Europe. Yes, Europe, with its old charming buildings and cobbled stone streets, meandering through various parts of what used to be terrains of the British Empire.

Mumbai, or what the British referred to as “Bombay”, was a favored part of the country. Many a monuments and structures were built by the British in colonial India and still stand tall and proud, even in the midst of all the pollution and environmental abuse that they are currently being put through. Monuments, such as the Gateway of India or Victoria Terminus/ VT (the train station now re-christened by the government of Maharashtra as Chatrapatti Shivaji Terminus), still stand testament to the glory and power of the British Regime.

After a long time, I took a train ride into VT, and was amazed and blown away by its beauty, in awe of the Goliath structure that has stood the test of time. As I got out of VT, I was welcomed by this beautiful Victorian building that now serves as the Bombay Municipal Corporation office (BMC):

Here is the silhouette of Victoria Terminus on a sunny day, at around 10:30 am:

As I was walking around, i saw several more buildings and offices that looked as regal and stoic as the Queen Mother herself, and were littered around this part of Mumbai – the original Mumbai or Mumbai city. I thought i was in Oxford or Cambridge. Here is another picture of a building that was in the middle of getting a face lift (as evident by all the scaffolding):

And of course, last but not least, an English phone booth, smack in the middle of Mumbai! Have a look for your selves:

This phone booth made my day and certainly put a smile on my face!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aniha Modi
    Sep 10, 2017 @ 00:48:29

    Hi! Could you please tell me where you found the telephone booth? Desperately need one for a short film! Thanks!


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