Winds of change!

Well, well, well! The last few days I have been complaining about the miserable heat and humidity that has taken over Mumbai. But, little did I know that it was only the calm before the storm; a preparation of sorts for the chaos and elemental violence that was to ensue.

Last night was yet another painful night, warm and muggy all round. This morning was slightly cooler and I was curious as to why the change. Anyhow, I thought to myself, ‘This is Mumbai. Anything can happen, and in most likelihood, anything will happen’, and went about my day. By around 6 pm, the skies got extremely overcast and I could sense that the winds of change were just around the corner. What I could not sense, was the intensity and force of these winds. Much to my surprise, around 7 pm, I heard the pitter-patter of rain drops and it was a light shower which I was disappointed with. I really wanted the rain to come down on mother earth and was praying that the streets of Mumbai would be blasted by showers from heaven, cleansing and nullifying every pore of this city. And boy, did I get what I asked for. By 7:15 pm, it just poured like something I had not seen in a long time. Mother nature did put on a show, and she wasn’t shy about it.

Below is a short footage of the view and sounds from my window. You will notice the sound of the rain, the thunder, the fact that some parts of the neighborhood did not have electricity, and finally, the most magnificent of them all, the lightning. Please indulge in some of mother nature’s antics:


Gosh! This performance went on, full force, for about 2 hours and I had never been more terrified by the thunder like I did today. Even my poor cat refused to get out from under the bed and was clearly disturbed by the whole sound and light show. My grandmother’s words kept echoing: “You will know when the monsoon season has finally come to an end. The thunder and lightning with come with a bang, announcing the end of the rains and the beginning of the second summer.” And, now I know.

What I also know and am keenly aware of is the metaphor that these storms, the thunder and lightning, represent in my life. Sometimes I feel that there is the darkness of uncertainty that I am traversing through, and once in a while, I get glimpses of light thrown my way, illuminating my path in this lifetime. I must also add that with the storms, came also really cool breeze and very, very pleasant weather. As I am sitting in my study, with only the fan on, it feels like I am in an air conditioned room, and you could never tell that we were in the midst of the second second summer. It is really incredible how the weather has changed overnight and it gives me immense hope that things in my life will also change; and perhaps change so drastically that I would be in a tizzy from all the goodness that came my way.


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