I can never get a straight answer….


….or, I’ll get to hear what I want to hear, and for once, I hate it! Frustration is probably the only word that remotely describes how irritating and upsetting it is when I am told things the other person does not mean. Yes, I am referring to the fact that, as a culture, Indians in general cannot be upfront and honest with you. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear, they will lie to you, and then they will make up a gazillion excuses and reasons as to why they were not able to deliver the goods. Do you know how many times I have heard, “Ha, ho jayega. Bus, 2 minute lagega,” (yes, it will happen. It will only take two minutes), or “Abhi, ek ghante mein ayenge,” (I will be there in one hour). Of course, the one one hour turns into three and I spend my whole day waiting and waiting for the person to show up, all the while a cauldron of anger and irritation is bubbling inside of me. And the amusing part is, (I guess it is now becoming amusing because there is only so much I can get irritated about without loosing my mind in India), is that no matter how much you scream at the person or even be abusive toward them, they will always display a sorry look on their face and exhibit a sense of complacency suggesting that, ‘Rochelle, you better get with it. This is just how it is in India.’

So, I am mustering every grain of courage, patience, and acceptance in my body and psyche to just be OK with the very different processes that are set in place in my motherland. I am hopeful that some day, I will have mastered the art of hearing and being fine, perhaps even being nonchalant, with being told what I want to hear or being lied to, when I know that it is far from the truth!


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