Parenting in the 21st Century – Boon or Bane?

I would like to shift gears a little bit where the content of the blog is concerned. Being a psychologist, who is constantly observing and analyzing people’s thoughts and behaviors, whether they like it or not, I feel compelled to talk about the art of parenting and the impact it has on the lives of their children. I recently read a report from Skynews where both children and parents concurred that more disciplining tactics should be encouraged and utilized in schools. This report was from the UK and it’s a pretty nifty article that I am sharing below:


I hope you appreciate the comments I have made in response to this article:

1. There was a reason that corporal punishment was outlawed – because it was ineffective, and more often that not, resulted in physical abuse of children. Yes, I do believe that sometimes children do not understand logic or reason, and sometimes parents do revert to physical ways of making a child understand things. After all, it B.F.Skinner’s “operant conditioning”  is what most parents follow to alter their children’s behaviors.

2. After reading the report, I cant help but think that the reason why parents and children are wanting more coercive ways of disciplining is probably because there is a dearth of teachers, parents, and educational professionals who are completely invested in the social, emotional, academic, and, may I add, spiritual well being of a child.

3. We live in a society, practically any where in a world, where parents themselves are so inundated with the responsibility and burden of economic strife, where there is a rapid shift in family and social values, and where children rely more on technology and social media to connect with each other, etc. Think about it, in most families today, both parents have to work full time and compromise quality time with their children.

4. It is easier then, when parents lead such busy lives and do not find time to discipline their children and invest in their psychological well being, either through modeling or spending quality time with them, to advocate for “tougher school discipline”. This probably relieves parents of the same responsibility.

5. Some food for thought: The report states that “20% of secondary school children agreed” with the idea of coercive ways of disciplining. The fact that children themselves are advocating for this way of punishment is a pretty good indicator of how much we are lacking, as a society, in providing the much needed structure and personal investment in our children of the present generation.

These are just some of my thoughts and I wish there was an easier answer to the predicament we, as a society, have gotten ourselves in where our children are concerned.


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