Music Therapy & Deoderants – A Must!!!!

This morning I had to travel to Andheri by train – a 15 minute ride from my place and it was a pleasant ride, without the maddening rush that usually accompanies a train ride in the city. Of course, when I got out of the station and tried to halt a rickshaw to get to my destination, I was greeted by several disgruntled faces which left me stranded on the road. I had to walk (luckily, it was a short walk), but it was a warm, muggy Sunday morning; sweat dripping down my back and face is a phenomena that I had long forgotten since living in lovely cool San Francisco.  However, I was reminded of a valuable lesson, again: BUY A CAR!!!! Those days of having dependable public transportation are gone to the dogs. We now have monkeys for cab drivers and rats for rickshaw drivers, although I will bet my life that the monkeys and rats are far more intelligent and sophisticated than these baboons!

I attended a conference on “veganism as a lifestyle” and how it can help prevent and reverse heart disease and diabetes II. I also learned, to my great shock, that India is the leading country in the world with individuals with diabetes…yes, India, the land of ayurveda and yoga. More info can be found at In anycase, I was impressed with the organization of the program (mainly its timeliness), as well as with the building and multiple conference rooms in which it was conducted.

But, to now finally address the title of this post, I would like to share AND enforce two realizations that came to mind through my journey in the city:

1. Music Therapy – I have found that listening to my ipod or nano or whatever device you want to use, greatly helps drown out the noise and extraneous auditory stimulation and hassles I experience every time I step out of my house. In fact, with noise pollution so rampant in India, where you can here the honking of cars and and screeching of people right within your own home, i vote that all house residents should possess  a musical device that will eliminate – to a great extent – the external noises. With my music on, I crossed the busy streets, waited on a noisy train platform, stood through a noisy train ride, walked to my destination, and did the same damn thing on my return trip, not feeling as bogged down by the colorful sounds around me. It kinda helped me feel a little less on edge being out in such a crazy and busy city. It was soothing, if not anything else.

2. Deodorants – I got on the train on my return, into the ladies compartment, and it was packed to the brim; everyone holding on to the hand grips overhead, and there was a fume of under arm smell that took me to another planet. I thought I was going to die…’s been a long long time since I have had to deal with the exaggerated force of body odor, all emanating from the moist, fleshy, and sometimes, hairy underarms of women of all ages and sizes. My god! Why is deodorant not so popular as it should be?? Why, God, Why? I had to grin and bear my return trip and it was the music that saved me from jumping off the train in my attempt to escape the pungent aromas of moving  bodies all compressed into one small metallic compartment.

All in all, an educational day; I came home all sweaty, had a shower, and crashed!

p.s. The internet guy did show up, finally, with his router, and now I am no longer chained to my two feet of cable, but actually feel part of the 21st century with wireless internet. I must add, though, that this came with a price…to be detailed in tomorrow’s post!


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