Exhausation – A state of Mind

The moving process is no joke. Of course, you do not have to be a genius to figure that out. We are getting closer to the date of departure. Plans have shifted a little in terms of our move date. Thanks to hurricane Irene, we were bumped onto another flight, which is a big gift in itself. Although I love my friends and enjoy spending time with them, I have learned that the last few days before one’s departure should not be completely spent socializing and saying last minute good byes. As much fun and joy as it brings, it can also be exhausting. Extreme socializing is what we have been doing lately and the two extra days, that we got from being bumped off our flight, has given us some respite from all the busyness of moving. We are now on a kind of vacation in our own city, enjoying the summer and watching the televised US Open (tennis) that is happening in New York City: a gift from the gods.

We have completely emptied and cleared out our house, and one of the lessons that resounds with me is: DO NOT, (and I repeat: DO NOT), leave any house clearing for the end. It may be wiser to just clear out 90% of your belongings a couple of weeks before you leave and live like a hermit, than scramble in the last week to dispose off all your belongings that you cannot take with you. But then again, sometimes you can plan all you want and then, life comes along, like a whirlwind, and moves things in a different direction.


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