3 Days to departure…..the Countdown has officially begun

I think I have officially lost my mind. Who knew that moving to another continent would entail such madness and desperation. I have my bags packed to their limit and still have tons of things to take. Talk about letting go…..I believe it is an art, a skill that has to be cultivated over time and with experience. I guess I haven’t uprooted enough times to develop this skill of releasing myself from the bonds of attachment to things…..gosh, i have to keep reminding myself, they are just things!!! And yet, these “things” are important, so meaningful, and so comforting to me. Is that a bad thing?

I have spent all morning arranging and re-arranging my suitcase and must have shed about 15 pounds of stuff I do not need….But, I chuckle to myself (after shedding many a tears), realizing that there is a lot more that I need to release and purge….from my suitcase, from my house, and from my mind.


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