3 Days to departure…..the Countdown has officially begun

I think I have officially lost my mind. Who knew that moving to another continent would entail such madness and desperation. I have my bags packed to their limit and still have tons of things to take. Talk about letting go…..I believe it is an art, a skill that has to be cultivated over time and with experience. I guess I haven’t uprooted enough times to develop this skill of releasing myself from the bonds of attachment to things…..gosh, i have to keep reminding myself, they are just things!!! And yet, these “things” are important, so meaningful, and so comforting to me. Is that a bad thing?

I have spent all morning arranging and re-arranging my suitcase and must have shed about 15 pounds of stuff I do not need….But, I chuckle to myself (after shedding many a tears), realizing that there is a lot more that I need to release and purge….from my suitcase, from my house, and from my mind.


Thought for the Day

In light of yesterday’s post on “letting go”, a close friend of mine shared this quote that I feel is pertinent to our moving process:

Even Socrates, who lived a very frugal and simple life, loved to go to the market. When his students asked about this, he replied, “I love to go and see all the things I am happy without.”
Jack Kornfield
After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

Letting go…

Easier said than done, but the process of “letting go”, although very challenging, can also be liberating. Today we had our first garage sale, hoping to get rid of as much stuff as we can before leaving on the 1st.  It was heartbreaking to see all the stuff that, we once possessed, was out for grabs to anyone or everyone looking for a good deal. But I was reminded by a dear friend of mine that these are just “things”. That was some consolation.

At the same time, it was a little exciting to think of new beginnings and infinite possibilities when doing up our flat in Mumbai. I have to now start getting used to the British English, saying “flat” instead of “apartment” or  “footpath” instead of “sidewalk”. How fancy! When I was cribbing to another friend about how empty our San Francisco apartment was looking, he shared some kind words that ring true. He said, “It’s OK. You created a masterpiece in San Francisco, now you are erasing this piece and soon you will be creating a new masterpiece in Mumbai.”

I wish my day ended with just the garage sale. Now we are headed to a farewell party at Medjool, in the Mission, where we will be formally saying good-bye to our dear friends.  Here comes the letting go again…so bitter-sweet, and so much a part of life.

Is there any such thing as total freedom? (via marcelgomessweden)

Thanks for sharing this. I think the very idea of “freedom” is an illusion. The Hindu texts, such as the Bhagvad Gita, say that the purpose of life is to work through the shackles at the end of which, you finally attain “moksha” or “nirvana”, also known as liberation. So in essence, freedom is really not a possibility as long as we are bound by the physical body.

Source: The Liberated Mind http://aliberated-mind.blogspot.com/2010/07/is-there-any-such-thing-as-total.html   Is there any such thing as total freedom? And of far more significance, are we aware that the very answering of this question is a form of bondage? That is, upon looking at this question does one see the fact that any movement of mind in a particular direction creates an illusion of arriving somewhere, in this case, arriving at an a … Read More

via marcelgomessweden

Moving to India!

Today is August 26th, and my husband, cat, and I will all be shipping ourselves over to a whole new world on September 1st. They call it India. Although I am of Indian origin, and have family in India, the idea of moving back to India is quite daunting for me. India is a great mother, but she can also be a beast! She forces you to push yourself to your limits which can inevitably make your or break you. And she made something of me. Yes, she did. When i lived in Mumbai for 4 years, doing my undergraduate studies in psychology, I learned so much about myself. Prior to that, I lived a pretty sheltered life in Dubai where I didn’t really have to think or do much for myself. It was mostly taken care of by my parents. If there one thing that i am grateful for with my 4 short years in Mumbai, it is my ability to think on my feet and to tackle all that life has to throw my way in a (sometimes) graceful and stoic manner.

Living in San Francisco for 10 years and enjoying a much higher quality of life, it makes me nervous to return to India, the motherland. She hasn’t felt like home in a decade, and home is where the heart is. Her people seem alien to me and her ways of “getting things done” seem inefficient and complicated to me. It is going to be quite interesting to see how I navigate through these waters of change: moving from the relaxed and easy going life of San Francisco (where the weather was like being in paradise) to the fast-paced, extremely humid, humdrum of Mumbai.

It feels good to finally write!

My first time blogging, and it feels as if I have been doing this for years, maybe even lifetimes…..Writing, for me, is a very liberating process; a spiritual practice where I can stream my thoughts into a pool of ideas and feelings, making me more aware of how I see the world and myself. I hope to blog every day and invite comments, thoughts, and your experiences so that I may learn from you.